Urgent Message from World-Renowned Resource Investor Rick Rule:

Forward from Maurice Jackson:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Rick Rule the CEO & President of ‘Sprott U.S. Holdings’ has extended an invitation to ‘Proven & Probable’ subscribers!

I, Maurice Jackson, will be in attendance and personally welcome you to attend.  Last year was an experience of a lifetime that has produced gains in my investment thesis, improved my portfolio criteria and selection, and most of all results!

Urgent Message from
World-Renowned Resource
Investor Rick Rule:

“I’m preparing for what I believe may be the greatest shift in the natural resource market that I’ll likely see in my career.”

“On July 26, 2016, a small group of the world’s smartest and wealthiest investors are gathering in Vancouver to discuss how to make life-changing gains in the coming resource “mega-rebound.”

Dear Investor,

If you are serious about finding the best ways to make money this year, read every word in this letter.

My name is Rick Rule.

If you’ve been a long-time financial newsletter reader, you might know my name. Since the 1980s, I’ve been good friends with folks like Agora founder Bill Bonner, Doug Casey, and Porter Stansberry.

During my 30 year career, I’ve visited mining sites on every continent except Antarctica.

My company has decades of success finding and profiting from opportunities in natural resources.

We manage in excess of $7 billion today.

I know the sector first hand—I’ve financed hundreds of resource companies. I’ve worked with companies big and small.

From smaller private deals to public offerings on Wall Street, I’ve seen everything. In fact, you might even have a couple companies I’ve financed in your mutual fund or portfolio right now.

And I’m preparing for what I believe may be the greatest shift in the natural resource market that I’ll likely see in my career.

In the past when these “shifts” have occurred, investors have had the chance to make significant gains.

But timing is everything.

I believe we are approaching a major inflection point at the end of this year.

This is a once in a generation market setup. So, I’m hosting an important meeting with my closest colleagues beginning Tuesday, July 26, 2016. We’ll be discussing this major event as well as the best ways to take advantage of this unique situation.

I’d like to extend YOU a special invitation to join us mention (‘Proven & Probable’).

Who will you meet at this
closed-door gathering?

We are assembling the world’s foremost experts in the financial world. For example, a world famous consultant to the Pentagon and CIA will join us. He’s helped the Federal Reserve avoid a complete financial meltdown, and even investigated market activity which predicted 9/11.

You’ll hear from an executive from one of the largest and most profitable precious metal companies in the world. He’s in a unique position to understand the state of the resource market, including the best opportunities for investors this year.

You’ll also meet a world-renowned mining expert, a self-made billionaire, who has traveled the world finding the best deposits and the most profitable mines, including mining gold in Alaska and nickel in Canada. He even staked a claim in a copper and gold mine in Mongolia that could be worth over $100 billion. He’ll tell us about speculative opportunities in the mining sector that could lead to dramatic gains in the months and years ahead.

You’ll hear it all over four days at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

If you are a serious investor, you shouldn’t miss our Symposium.

Maybe you feel like you missed out on some of the gains of the past few years in the stock market. Well, our conference might help you take advantage of the coming market event so you can make up for those “lost years.”

Or perhaps you worry this year will be more dangerous for stocks. If so, our Symposium could give you the best ways to guard against a market collapse that could ruin other investors.

You simply have to act when the time is right, and I believe the end of this year is going to create a critical change in the market. That’s why I have assembled the leading financial experts in the business. They’ll give us the best ways to protect our portfolios—and profit—this year.

But first, I’m sure you are wondering:

Why Do I Expect a Huge Shift
in Natural Resources This Year?

Well, it’s actually quite simple.

I’ve seen this pattern before.

For instance, the gold market back in 2000 hit a similar inflection point.

In 2000, most of Wall Street and the media commentators despised gold. It was trading for around $280 an ounce.

But then, it went on a ten-year run.

By 2011, gold soared as high as $1,900—up over 550%.

Once again gold is out of favor, even hated, in the mainstream media and investment world.

And it’s not just gold. Oil, silver, and other natural resources follow the same pattern.

You might even recall oil in the late 90’s following a similar trajectory. Oil plunged to as low as $16.28 per barrel in 1998.

But then, it roared to over $140, a gain of 789%.

For a time, resource stocks can plunge, that’s their cyclical nature.

But, a company can’t sell resources for less than the cost to produce them for long. Right now, oil is selling below the cost of pumping it from the ground, and most resource commodities, including gold are selling for less than they cost to produce. That simply can’t go on forever.

Unless civilization as we know it ends.

People would have to stop driving cars, stop eating and stop building. Assuming those do not occur, natural resources will always come back.

That’s why we are preparing for a huge move in resources. If you know where to look, it can mean portfolio-changing results.

I’m assembling the best experts and companies to help us take advantage of this unique event.

This July, you’ll have a chance to:

  • Learn from self-made millionaires (and at least one billionaire).
  • Find out about investment opportunities in mining, and other natural resource plays you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Find the some of the best silver, gold, and uranium mining companies.

Our Symposium will bring together experts you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. And there’s no place that will put together the amount of quality companies you’ll find here.

Let me explain:

Your Invitation to Join Us

Our special closed-door sessions will begin July 26th in Vancouver. You’ll hear from our hand-picked experts in the industry.

Either my staff or I have vetted every single exhibitor coming to our conference. We’ve done the due diligence on them all—and we believe they are among the best at what they do.

Most conferences are little more than advertisements. But the mission for my Symposium is much different than anything else you’ve likely seen.

My allegiance is to the attendees coming to our Symposium—not just the event sponsors.

My focus is on giving YOU the most relevant information from industry experts. And I want you to have ideas you can take action on right away. We want to give you “hands on” and “how to” information, not just sales pitches.

We will kick things off Tuesday morning at 8:30 am July 26th, 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

You’ll hear information you won’t hear anywhere else. You’ll also stay in luxurious accommodations at the landmark Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, right in the center of downtown.

I’ll be with you all four days.

And, I’ve put together a lineup of top-notch presenters to join us.

Our Keynote Speakers

Doug Casey
Founder & Chairman, Casey ResearchA returning guest this year is none other than Doug Casey, one of the greatest investment minds I know.Doug can spot investment ideas and create money-making opportunities unlike anyone I’ve ever met.He’ll be sharing his predictions for 2016 as well as his favorite investment opportunities at our Symposium this summer.

If you’ve never met Doug in person, you are in for a treat. Often, he would land in a country for the first time, without knowing any influential officials and having no contacts, and within weeks he would meet with influential leaders and heads of government.

He’s had an audience with Fidel Castro and has even told off Dick Cheney to his face. And he counts Gideon Gono, the governor of the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank when it minted $100 Trillion bills, as a personal friend.

He says exactly what he thinks and is the ultimate spokesperson for contrarian investment. He wrote the book for profiting during times of chaos and economic Armageddon. His New York Times bestseller Crisis Investing spent many weeks as #1 on the list. Since then he’s received the largest advance ever paid for a financial book at the time for writing Strategic Investing.

He’s just released Speculator, the first in a sextet of novels reforming the reputations of some highly politically incorrect occupations. Speculator revolves around a gigantic mining fraud in the context of an African revolution.

Best known as the founder and chairman of Casey Research, Doug’s financial newsletter is one of the oldest and most respected independent research publications in the country.

Robert Friedland
Founder & Executive Chairman
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.We are also fortunate to have another living legend in natural resource exploration and mining—an attendee favorite with rave reviews.International financier Robert Friedland has been a recognized figure among the leaders of the global financial sector and mineral resource industries. He is credited with key leadership roles in several world-scale mineral discoveries and mine development projects, and with having guided strategic exploration and investment decisions that have contributed to significant economic growth in established and emerging markets in Asia, the Asia Pacific Region, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.He is Executive Chairman and a director of Ivanhoe Mines, formerly known as Ivanplats until its adoption of the Ivanhoe name in August 2013. Today, Ivanhoe Mines continues to advance its three major projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In January 2016, Mr. Friedland was inducted into the Toronto-based Canadian Mining Hall of Fame for notable company-building and exploration achievements during his career in the international mining industry. The induction citation, declaring him “a dynamic, transformative force” in world mining, capped a succession of international recognitions bestowed during the past 20 years.

I’m eager to hear what he thinks is the “next big thing” in the resource world for 2016.

Rob McEwen
Chairman and Chief Owner
McEwen Mining Inc.Rob McEwen is the Chairman and Chief Owner of McEwen Mining Inc. and the founder, former Chairman and CEO of GoldCorp Inc., the world’s largest gold producer, by market capitalization. During the last thirteen years as CEO, GoldCorp’s share price grew at a compound annual rate of 31%.Rob and his wife have donated in excess of $50 million to encourage excellence and innovation in healthcare and education. Their donations have funded the establishment of the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the McEwen Leadership Program at St. Andrew’s College.Rob was awarded the Order of Canada in 2007. He holds an Honorary Doctor of Laws and MBA from York University. Other awards include Mining Man of the Year and Most Innovative CEO.

Rob is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, Schulich School of Business; X Prize Foundation: Board of Trustees; International Society of Stem Cell Research; Global Advisory Counsel; CEO, WPO.

Jim Rickards
Strategic IntelligenceIf you are a regular reader of financial newsletters, you may be familiar with the name Jim Rickards.He is the editor of Strategic Intelligence, and editor of the newly launched Rickards’ Gold Speculator, both newsletters from Agora Financial. Plus, he’s written three national bestsellers, Currency Wars (2011), The Death of Money (2014), and his latest, The New Case for Gold (2016).He wrote Op-Eds to the Financial Times, Evening Standard, New York Times, and Washington Post. Jim has also appeared on BBC, CNN, NPR, CSPAN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, and The Wall Street Journal.

Besides writing, Jim is a portfolio manager, lawyer, and economist. He also has held senior positions at Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates.

Mr. Rickards lectured at the Johns Hopkins University and the Kellogg School at Northwestern. He’s delivered papers on risk at Singularity University and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

His career, which spans over 35 years, has been nothing less than extraordinary.

In fact, he helped negotiate the release of the American hostages in Iran back in 1981.

And in 1998 the Wall Street firm Long-Term Capital Management was about to cause a market collapse. The Federal Reserve consulted with him to avoid a recession.

He also helped the CIA investigate stock market activity before 9/11. Signs showed anomalous activity that appears to have predicted the attack.

He even consulted with the Pentagon a few years ago at a top secret “Area 51” type of facility. There, they conducted the first “financial war game.”

Today, he still advises the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. This organization oversees 14 U.S. intelligence services. These include the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the NSA.

He’ll be presenting our keynote address. He’ll combine his unique background as a government insider with his economic expertise. You’ll learn how to navigate the volatile market we have seen this year.

Bottom line: no one better can help us understand the macroeconomic trends in the world today than Jim Rickards.

He joined our conference last year. And consistent attendee feedback reviewed him as one of the favorites. So, I’m excited that he’ll be joining us again for this year’s Symposium.

Sean Roosen
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Osisko Gold RoyaltiesMr. Roosen is Chair of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Osisko Gold Royalties since June 2014. He grew this company from the depths of the global bear market in gold—and amassed an impressive 15 million ounces of gold for investors in just a few months.He also backed the Horne gold project in Quebec, what he calls the most “overlooked, misunderstood and one of the best gold properties in Canada.”In fact, his royalty company has amassed so many profit producing deals he says “It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant most days.”

Prior to this, he co-founded Old Osisko, where he helped grow the junior exploration company to a leading gold producer.

As part of this, he secured financing and developed the $1 billion Canadian Malartic Mine.

He also sits on the Board of Directors of the some of the best resource companies in the world: Astur Gold Corporation, Bowmore Exploration Ltd., Condor Petroleum Inc., Dalradian Resources Inc., Falco Resources Ltd. and Oban Mining Corporation.

He’ll bring us his unique knack for spotting opportunities most investors overlook, and share his ideas for making money this year.

Robert A. Quartermain
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Pretium ResourcesRobert A. Quartermain has a 40-year career in the resource industry, successfully profiting in precious metals exploration and development.Dr. Quartermain was the president of Silver Standard Resource Inc. from 1985 to 2010. During this time, he grew the small exploration company with a market capitalization of $2 million, to a powerhouse mining, development, and exploration company with a market cap of over $2 billion.Growing a company over 99,000% in a 25 year timeframe is an impressive feat, and we are lucky to have his extensive knowledge, experience, and profit-boosting instincts at our disposal this summer.

Dr. Quartermain is currently the Chairman and CEO of Pretium Resources, and is developing the low-cost, high-grade Brucejack property in northern British Columbia.

Doug Casey, Robert Friedland, Jim Rickards, Sean Roosen, and Robert Quartermain are only the beginning.

At our Symposium this July, we’ve confirmed the leading experts and executives in the resource sector. My team or I vet each speaker and every company.

You’ll also hear presentations from:

Our Panel Line-up

Ross Beaty
Founder & Chairman
Pan American Silver Corp., Alterra Power Corp.Ross Beaty is a geologist and resource entrepreneur with over 45 years of experience in the international minerals and renewable energy industries. A graduate of the University of British Columbia in Geology and Law, and Imperial College in Geology, Mr. Beaty is an internationally recognized leader in both non-renewable and renewable resource development.He has founded and divested a number of companies and remains the Founder and Chairman of Pan American Silver Corp., one of the world’s leading silver producers. He is also Founder and Chairman of Alterra Power Corp., a mid-sized renewable energy company with solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power operations in British Columbia, Ontario, Nevada, and Iceland.Mr. Beaty is a well-known environmental philanthropist, primarily through The Sitka Foundation. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Nature Trust of British Columbia, is a Director of The Pacific Salmon Foundation, a Director of Panthera, and a patron of the Beaty Biodiversity Center at the University of British Columbia.

Sean Brodrick
Resource Strategist
The Oxford ClubSean Brodrick is Co-Founder and Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer. He is also the Editor of the $10 Trigger Alert. Plus, he is the editor of the educational course Resources to Riches Alliance. He also writes for InvestmentU.com and FreeMarketCafe.com (now The Non-Dollar Report).You could think of Sean as the “Indiana Jones” of natural resources. He’s a sharp analyst with intense boots-on-the-ground experience. He’s traveled to the diamond fields north of the Arctic Circle. He’s visited an ancient city of silver (and mummies) in Mexico. He’s even been to a gold project on the frigid southern tip of Argentina.He’s an experienced technical analyst and can spot unique chart patterns. Sean has gathered accolades from both investors and top industry insiders.

Sean’s best-selling book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis, helps readers prepare for all types of physical and economic crises.

Brent Cook
Editor and Publisher
Exploration InsightsBrent Cook is an economic geologist and mining analyst. He has worked in the mineral exploration and mining business for 34 years. During this time he has evaluated and valued mining projects involving almost all deposit types in over 60 countries.In 1997 he had a realization while soaking wet in the jungle. He was tired of promoters making all the money on questionable properties. So, he joined Global Resource Investments (now Sprott-Global) to help regular investors make money on good, quality mines. He was principal mining analyst at Global until going independent again in 2003.Since 2003 he has been an independent analyst and advisor to several investment funds and high net worth individuals. He is also author of the investment letter Exploration Insights. In it he covers the mining sector, focusing on what he is buying, selling and avoiding with his own money.

Adrian Day
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Adrian Day Asset ManagementAdrian was born in London and graduated from the London School of Economics.Day is sub-adviser to the EuroPacific Gold Fund. He has also authored three books on the subject of global investing: International Investment Opportunities: How and Where to Invest Overseas Successfully and Investing Without Borders. His latest book, widely praised by readers, is Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks.He heads Adrian Day Asset Management, where he manages his clients’ accounts in both natural resource and international equities.

Adrian is also a popular speaker and often lectures at financial conferences and seminars around the world.

Dan Ferris
Extreme ValueSince 2002, Dan uses a strategy of finding cheap, safe stocks that are trading at a discount. His method earned him one of the best track records in the financial newsletter business.His subscribers include over 20 major financial firms and well-known fund managers. Dan is regularly featured in Barron’s, Fox Business, and USA Today.Dan will use his unique philosophy to show us his favorite investment opportunities. Plus, he’ll help us find the safest ways to buy quality companies at the best prices.

Peter Grosskopf
Chief Executive Officer
Sprott Inc.Over the course of his career, Peter has established a track record of successfully building and growing businesses with more than 24 years of experience in the financial services industry. In addition to his role at Sprott, he also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Sprott Resource Lending Corp. and President of Sprott Consulting.Prior to joining Sprott, he was President of Cormark Securities Inc. and one of the co-founders of Newcrest Capital Inc., which was acquired by the TD Bank Financial Group.Peter has extensive experience as an advisor and underwriter to companies in a wide variety of sectors—and we’re excited that he’s decided to join us at this event.

John Kaiser
Kaiser Research OnlineJohn is also an independent analyst based in the San Francisco area who has covered the junior resource sector since 1983. After a decade working as a research director in Vancouver he left the brokerage industry in 1994 to launch Kaiser Research Online.Kaiser Research Online is a subscription service that publishes his analysis, provides searchable information on over 1700 Canadian listed mining and exploration companies, and tracks trends within the junior sector and their relationship to macro trends.He also created a proprietary tool to value speculative exploration projects. In Vancouver, he’ll show us exactly how to value junior mining companies so we can know we are getting the best price and the greatest profit potential for every deal.

Marin Katusa
Katusa ResearchOver the last decade, Marin has consulted and financed many well-known companies in the resource industry.Marin sees the most profitable opportunities are in the resource sector. He believes resources are currently in a slump. So, he’ll share how investors can maximize investment opportunities for this year’s unique market.He is also the author of a New York Times Bestseller, The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp.

Karim Rahemtulla
Beyond the DollarAuthor of the best-selling book Where in the World Should I Invest? Karim Rahemtulla has covered international markets and the global movements of money for over 20 years.With expertise in emerging markets, options trading and energy, he’s regarded as one of the country’s foremost resource and developing world analysts. Karim is also regarded as one of the country’s leading innovators in options trading, with strategies ranging from income to aggressive speculation. His focus is on finding opportunities “beyond the dollar” for investors looking to diversify their assets and lifestyles to include borderless investing.On such merits, he travels the world regularly, seeking out the best investment opportunities, and is a featured speaker at more than a dozen front line conferences annually – including this one.

E.B. Tucker
Senior Analyst
The Casey ReportEach month E.B. works directly with Doug Casey. Together, they find the best ways to profit, focusing on ways to benefit in the midst of financial crises.E.B.’s been profiting from crisis for years. In early 2009, he realized that the US housing bust would create a generation of renters. He raised money and bought a large portfolio of single-family rental houses. Because of depressed prices, he paid as low as 10 cents on the dollar. Best of all he now makes a substantial, debt-free recurring annual rental income.E.B. was also a founding partner and managing director of KSIR Capital Management. It’s an investment firm focused on gold and silver equities. He knows the gold and silver business inside and out, having visited mines in many countries.

Prior to joining The Casey Report, E.B. was co-editor of Stansberry International and a research analyst for Porter Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

Grant Williams
Things That Make You Go Hmmm…Much to his chagrin, Grant Williams has reached 30 years in finance.Over that period, he has held senior positions at a number of investment banks and brokers including Robert Fleming, UBS, Banc of America and Credit Suisse in locations as diverse as London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore.From humble beginnings in 2009, Grant’s letter, Things That Make You Go Hmmm… has grown to become one of the most popular and widely-read financial publications in the world.

Grant is portfolio and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore and also one of the founders of Real Vision Television — an online, on-demand finance channel which features in-depth interviews with the brightest minds in finance.

A regular speaker at investment conferences across the globe, Grant blends history and humor with keen financial insight to produce unique presentations which have been enthusiastically received by audiences wherever he has traveled.

Throughout our four-day Symposium, you’ll be able to meet and interact with our exhibiting companies and their lead executives. At most other events, the qualification to be a “sponsor” is often nothing more than writing a check. However, at this event, my staff and I go to great lengths to vet every one of our exhibitors.

Becoming acquainted with these hand-picked companies and their executives is often the attendees’ favorite part of our Symposium.

You’ll get to meet high level executives and company representatives face-to-face this summer. You’ll rub shoulders with the top guns in the industry.

For example, you’ll get a chance to meet:

Frank Trotter
Executive Vice President and Chairman
EverBank Global Markets Group

Banking is “in his blood”—his family started a bank back in 1850 in rural northwestern Missouri… right in the middle of the fur trade era. This was when banks issued their own banknotes based on gold or silver reserves.

Mr. Trotter has over 35 years’ experience in the banking industry—and has ushered the banking industry into the digital age.

He was the Director of the International Markets Division of Mark Twain Bank, where he created the WorldCurrency™ family of deposits and directed the global launch of eCash™.

Frank is currently an Executive Vice President of EverBank, one of America’s most well-run banks. Plus, he was a founding partner of everbank.com, a national branchless bank.

Randy Smallwood
President & CEO
Silver WheatonMr. Smallwood is one of the founding members of Silver Wheaton—one of the largest and most profitable precious metal companies in the world.He started his career as a geologist, so he has first-hand experience in the mining world. Plus, his leadership in the industry is unparalleled, working for companies like Homestake Mining Company, Teck Corp. and Westmin Resources.Randy was an instrumental part of the team that built Wheaton River/ Goldcorp into one of the largest gold companies in the world.

You’ll hear the best money-making ideas and insights from these experts at the Sprott 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium. Sometimes the most profitable investment ideas come from what happens after the presentations are over, meeting with our exhibitors and mingling with fellow attendees.

But that’s not all…

How to Take Advantage of
the Coming Boom in Gold

Many of us believe one resource more than any other has the highest breakout potential this year.

I’m talking about gold.

Already, the metal has begun to climb.

The rally has even made headlines in major news outlets:

That’s why we’ve invited some of the smartest experts to help us invest in the coming boom in gold.

For instance, geologist and natural resources expert Matt Badiali will join us.

Matt is the writer of Stansberry Resource Report. And he’s made a reputation in our industry for putting “boots on the ground” to find the most profitable resource investments in the world today.

He’s been to Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, and Switzerland—just to name a few.

Throughout his career, he has contacts with the most important people in the industry. His Rolodex includes private financiers, geologists, analysts, and even a billionaire hedge fund manager.

You’ll get to hear the ideas and investments that excite Matt the most this year if you join us this July.

Finally, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud will be joining our Symposium.

Steve was a former stockbroker, has been a vice president of a global mutual fund, operated his own hedge fund, and holds a doctorate in finance. Over his career, Steve has addressed dozens of financial conferences in the U.S. and around the world. One conference was even at the New York Stock Exchange.

Steve is the Editor of the popular True Wealth, serving over 50,000 paid readers. His investment ideology is simple: you don’t have to take the biggest risks to make the biggest returns.

Dr. Sjuggerud has a history of spotting the best times to be in natural resources like gold. He even recommended gold all the way back in 2001 – when it was trading for around $270 an ounce.

He’ll use his unique investment strategy to help us find the safest ways to maximize our profit potential this year.

You’ll have the chance to meet Steve in person, and you’ll hear his latest ideas.

Why Attendees Call It:
“The Best Conference I Have Ever Attended”

By now you might understand why I’m so enthusiastic about investing in natural resources in 2016, and why I’m so excited about the Symposium this year. It’s easy to see the potential for big returns you’ll get by joining us in Vancouver this summer.

You see, we have a track record of hosting quality conferences year after year. And if the past is any sign, this one will be the best yet.

Raymond E., one of our attendees last year, gave us some great feedback:

“This was, quite literally, one of the best conferences I have attended…I expect to enthusiastically choose to attend in future years, especially if the symposium continues to be held in Vancouver.”

In one of our past conferences, Gus C. wrote us a thank you note to tell us our symposium was “fantastic… Very informative and I feel more confident about where and [in] what to invest.”

And another attendee, Jim G., said our conference was: “Informative, knowledgeable, easy to understand, and entertaining! Absolutely an academy-award winning, medal of honor [performance] at this conference!”

I’m sure you can see why attendees keep coming year after year. We focus on providing the best information and exposure to the top resource companies.

And there is no better time to find good investment opportunities than this year.

In just a second, I’ll tell you how you can lock in a special discount to attend our Symposium this summer (as long as you act before June 1, 2016). Plus, I’ll let you know about some special bonuses I’ve arranged for you if you take action right now.

But first, I want to tell you a little bit about where we will be staying.

It’s my favorite city… and we’ll be in one of the nicest hotels on the planet.

My Favorite City in the World

Vancouver has been the location of our Symposium since all the way back to 2004. And there’s an important reason for that.

No other city on earth is like it.

The New York Times calls it “gorgeous … sophisticated,” and “Manhattan with mountains…”

And USA Today writes that it is “the supermodel of North American cities.”

Even The Daily Telegraph raves it is “a city unlike any other…”

And that is why I love Vancouver more than any other city in the world.

But the major newspapers or publications’ reviews aren’t all that important to me. Instead, I pay attention to the feedback from our attendees. Again—my allegiance is to YOU and you alone.

So it’s great to hear from people like Gloria W. She said that the city was actually her favorite part of the conference.

She wrote us this nice note:

“We have been to other conferences in the US but we prefer [the Vancouver Symposium] because we especially enjoy the city of Vancouver.”

If you have never been to Vancouver, you are in for an amazing time.

I actually come here for several months of the year and spend my free time hiking the fantastic trails around the city. If you like to hike, like I do, you are going to love it.

But this city has so much to offer. People with all kinds of interests and hobbies are sure to have a blast. Every background and taste will make memories to cherish for life.

Vancouver lies between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Summers here are the absolute best time to enjoy everything this city offers. And there are plenty of things to enjoy both indoors and outdoors.

The Toronto Venture Exchange is right here. It’s the epicenter of the natural resources financing industry. But that’s not the main reason we are meeting here.

We come here year after year because the food, entertainment, nightlife, and culture is second to none. The entire atmosphere makes it a marvelous place to “get away.” It’s an amazing city to visit while we learn about investment ideas and opportunities for this year.

You could stroll down VanDusen’s Botanical Gardens and enjoy “The Maze,” their “Stone Garden” or the “Scottish Shelter.” Be sure to take in all their wildlife too (just don’t feed the animals).

Or you could see Vancouver’s night markets—the Richmond, Summer Night, and Vancouver Chinatown Markets. These unique markets have shopping experiences to die for—great food plus live entertainment.

You could also walk around Stanley Park. Check out the historic aboriginal totem poles. Plus take a look at the gravity-defying rocks balancing on end (you’ll be amazed). There are also breathtaking beaches with wonderful views.

And if you enjoy art, head over to the Vancouver Art Gallery and check out over 9,000 works on display. It houses one of the most extensive and valuable art collections in Canada.

The list of things you’ll want to check out is endless. You can’t see them all in one trip (that’s why we come back year after year).

Besides the galleries, gardens, and culture, Vancouver will give you the best dining experiences you could ask for. The food here is a special blend of Asian fusion and the best seafood you’ll find anywhere.

Plus their wines are fantastic.

You could also check out what celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey calls “the best restaurant in Canada”—Araxi. And if you enjoy outdoor dining, you could go to The Boathouse Waterfront Restaurant and try their fresh seafood and steak specialties.

But don’t worry too much about picking the “right” place to eat. You could pick up a stone, throw it, and whatever restaurant is closest will give you an amazing meal.

Even if you don’t feel like going too far away, you’ll still be well taken care of. Plenty of entertainment, culture, and breathtaking views are waiting for you right in our host hotel.

Get the Royal Treatment at
Our Castle in the City

Its first-class location and architecture might be why locals refer to it as “the Castle in the City”

Modeled after a 15th century chateau, it has a medieval elegance combined with a central location downtown. You’ll enjoy the best of modern food and culture as you relax in “your castle.”

Built in 1939, British royalty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth christened the hotel on their royal tour of Canada. They stayed here right before heading to the U.S.A.

So when we say it’s a castle fit for a king…that’s actually no exaggeration.

As one of our attendees, Don R. noted—it’s a “spectacular grand hotel.”

And another one of our attendees said the hotel had “excellent service, and a great place to stay and dine.”

All our sessions and exhibitions for the Symposium will be at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Plus, you’ll have access to all the hotel’s amenities.

For instance, you could unwind at the Notch 8 lobby bar and restaurant. Or you could stroll over to the Absolute Spa, complete with upscale lounge and complimentary spa cuisine. You could also visit their state of the art health club, featuring an indoor heated pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. Plus, you have complete access to Sitka Physiotherapy & Wellness Studios. There you can enjoy Pilates and yoga classes, plus personal training.

As you can see, WHERE we are having our conference is just as important to us as WHAT you’ll learn during our conference. And in both, the priority is on first-class treatment for our attendees (you).

Also, the Fairmont Hotel is right in the heart of downtown Vancouver. You’ll have great access to all the scenery, entertainment and shopping this amazing city has to offer. You’ll be right in the middle of the action.

Plus, as a Symposium attendee, we’ve arranged for you to receive a significant discount on your stay at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. You can claim this discount when you reserve your ticket to the 2016 Sprott Natural Resources Symposium today.

Here’s all you have to do:

Reserve Your Seat Today and
Receive a $400 Discount

We’ve worked hard to make sure that the 2016 Vancouver Symposium on July 26-29th, 2016 will be the best conference you’ve ever attended.

It’s simple.

Our conference is the absolute best place to find some of the most knowledgeable experts and most valuable companies in the nation.

The city of Vancouver is the most beautiful and amazing city in the world you could ever visit.

And the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

I’ve made this Symposium a gathering of the highest quality of every possible detail. It’s set up just for you (and with YOUR interests in mind every step of the way).
Over and over, our attendees tell us our Symposium is the “best conference I ever attended.”

Tom G. said…

“It’s well run… and worth the money.”

Attendee Dorothy M. told me:

“[Vancouver] is always a great learning experience and we really appreciate coming. Over the years it has guided our investment choices. Thank you, Rick for providing the opportunity.”

One attendee actually asked us “how did you get all these [experts and companies] in one place at one time?”

And G. S., a professional money manager from the U.K., told us that Vancouver is his favorite conference:

“Good quality companies presenting, great range of speakers (we want to hear from industry titans); 4 full days – a lot to take in, but good value for money.”

Now, considering all the experts we are flying in, all the events planned, and all the companies we’ve assembled, we take on a large amount of financial overhead. We have shown our confidence in the quality of our conference by taking on all of the risk. Now it’s time for you to show your dedication to your financial future—and make the most out of this unique opportunity in the natural resource market.

I’m not exaggerating when I say something like this is invaluable. So it’s hard to actually price something that could be priceless.

But I work in the financial world myself, so I know pricing. We could charge $1,900 or more per ticket to Vancouver 2016.

But when you sign up today, before the June 1st deadline, you’ll pay just a small fraction of that.

You see, I work with finding deals and discovering little-known value investments. So, I want to make this the greatest bargain you “uncover” this year. I’ve worked the numbers so that anyone who wants to find the most lucrative opportunities around can join us at our 2016 Symposium.

Before you secure your seat, let me sum up everything you’ll receive when you register for our 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium:

#1. A guaranteed seat to a full four (4) days of activities, starting Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Symposium will start around 8:30 a.m., and wrap up around 5:30 p.m. It includes a daily continental breakfast, and regular coffee and snack breaks.

You’ll have access to ALL the events and speakers each day. We’ll cover how to maximize your returns this year in the gold and resource markets.

Basically, you’ll have an “all access” pass to every presentation in our General Sessions. You also can join our smaller, more intimate Breakout Sessions. Plus you’ll be able to hear every one of our Panel Discussions. As the conference gets closer, we’ll wrap up our full schedule and send that information to you.

But that’s not all you get…

#2. An Invitation to our Thursday Night Cocktail Reception

On Thursday evening after the last session of the day, you’re invited to a cocktail party sponsored by EverBank.

It’s a great forum for chatting with new connections you’ve made not only with fellow attendees but with our speakers and exhibitors.

#3: Full Access to the 2016 Symposium Exhibitors

If you like first-hand knowledge of exactly what you invest in, you’ll love the exhibitor booths at the Symposium. You’ll be able to talk to high-level and executive representatives from terrific companies. And remember, my staff or I personally vet them all. Your Symposium ticket includes full access to each one of our exhibiting companies.

#4. A Guide to Natural Resource Investing

In this complimentary Report, I’ll share with you the knowledge my firm and I have accumulated over the past 30 years of investing in gold and natural resources.

At Sprott, I research and analyze information in every possible area of the resource sector. The amount of pages, website, financial reports, and data I sift through is staggering. My analysts and I talk to executives, management teams, attend invitation-only resource conferences. We analyze geological reports and actually visit development sites around the world. We spend countless man-hours identifying the best opportunities for our clients.

Through all that experience, I’ve learned the things to look for when you investigate companies.

In my A Guide to Natural Resource Investing, you’ll learn the ten points I use when I analyze resource companies. It’s simple and easy to understand. This guide will arm you with crucial knowledge before our Symposium. I’ll email it to you right after you secure your spot. You can start reading it in minutes.

With everything you’ll learn in my guide, you’ll get the most out of this year’s conference.

#5. Complimentary online access pass to the 2015 video and MP3 recordings from last year’s sold-out event

That’s right, you won’t just get all the information and exhibitors from this year’s conference…you’ll get the favorite presentations from last year’s conference as well.

You’ll hear speakers at our successful event last year.

As you can see, I’ve done everything I can to make sure the 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium exceeds your every expectation.

Honestly, the valuable information in the general sessions alone would be worth well over the $1,900 we could charge per ticket.

One good speculative investment could be worth well more than the ticket price. And you’ll hear about many lucrative opportunities over the course of our four-day conference.

And even at $1,900, I know we would sell out every available seat. It’s a great bargain. Especially considering the caliber of expertise and the quality of the companies you’ll get to meet and interview face to face.

But if you take action right now and buy your ticket to the 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium today,you’ll pay just $499.

That’s a savings of $400 off the full registration rate, but it’s only valid until June 1.

(Plus, if you are a Stansberry Alliance Member, Oxford Club Chairman’s Circle Member, an Agora Financial Reserve member, or an elite member of another one of our partner financial publications, you will receive an additional $100 discount, on top of the early bird discount.)

And please take note of our cancellation policy: If you have to cancel on or before May 16, 2016, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations received after May 16, 2016 but before June 27, 2016, will receive a full refund, less a US$100 administrative fee per person. After June 27, 2016, due to the real, hard costs we incur in putting on an event like this, the registration fee is non-refundable.

That said, when you come to Vancouver this summer, I want you to be completely happy with the entire Symposium. If you’re not, please let us know after the event—and we’ll give you a 100% refund on your registration fee.

After June 1st the cost will go up so don’t delay! Our at-the-door price is $899.

But until then, you’ll pay just $499 for a ticket to the Sprott 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium… including everything I mentioned.

This special “early-bird” price is our way of rewarding those who take action quickly. In my experience, the people who are decisive get the most out of conferences and real investment opportunities.

I must, however, give you a word of caution: seats will be reserved on a first come, first-served basis. And once they are sold out, that’s it.

And…I must emphasize…there will be NO live streaming of this event (not even after we sell out). Don’t delay! Secure your spot today to join us live at our Symposium in July.

And when you do, you’ll be glad you did.

Just like Liz H., who came to Vancouver last year and said:

“This was great! Excellent! Great slate of high quality speakers! Beautiful hotel & facilities.”

Attendee Craig C. told us:

“Can’t beat Vancouver for a resource conference… I thoroughly enjoyed it last year and very much look forward to this year’s conference.”

And Karl K. told us last year’s Symposium was…

“The best [Conference] in MANY years, if not the best ever!”

I know this year’s Symposium is going to be an unforgettable event. And I’m positive 2016 could be a portfolio-changing year for you and your family.

So if you are interested in joining us this summer in Vancouver, July 26-29, 2016, reserve your spot immediately.

Please complete the Reservation form here. Shortly after you place your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions, plus your free gifts.


Rick Rule
President and Chief Executive Officer, Sprott U.S. Holdings

P.S. If you’d prefer to register by phone for the Sprott 2016 Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium today, please contact our booking agent, Opportunity Travel, toll-free 800-926-6575, direct 561-243-2460; or via email at info@opptravel.com. Register now—space is limited, and we expect early-bird seats to go quickly. Click here to register online today.


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