Uranium Spot Is Gaining Momentum

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Dear Proven and Probable subscribers:

as we close out the first week of Feb. 2017, we are seeing some encouraging signs in the spot price of Uranium.  We believe the value proposition for Uranium has the potential to be life changing! Uranium is not an if, but rather a when proposition. Therefore, we are in it for the long haul.  The Supply and Demand fundamentals are looking more and more favorable.

Uranium is the other yellow metal that fortunately for contrarian, value investors is a perfect speculative endeavor. Our thesis regarding Uranium is that if Gold continues on a repeat of its trajectory of 2016, that a number of investors may jump ship and dive into gold bullion and issuers. This would be short term noise, but will create a great buying opportunity. We enjoy Gold issuers equally to Uranium issuers as we focus the company and people not the latent material in the ground.  We have positions in quality issuers in both sectors, but we believe that investors must be selective and not use a buckshot approach in deploying capital into any issuers simply because of good marketing and having Gold and or Uranium placed within their nomenclature.

Uranium is not for the faint of the heart speculator.  Understanding the fundamentals of Uranium will serve as a monument to preserve your resolve and determination irrespective of any short term price movements.  Procure the best issuers into your portfolio and realize that the declines are valuable opportunities to purchase at significant discounts.  Should you decide to invest in Gold and or Uranium issuers, your selection and homework of quality and proven performers is paramount!  We are confident in our selection of interviewed issuers that their industry repute, management, and projects will serve as good stewards for your portfolio.

Although we do favor Uranium as a whole, we encourage you to do your due diligence, get professional advice and seek the most respected names in the Uranium Sector.  Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?  Your solution is a click away:


Now what actions do you the investor need to take?

Step 1: Contact rrule@sprottglobal.com, Subject: Proven and Probable and legendary investor Rick Rule will personally grade your portfolio at no cost or obligation!

Step 2: Educate your yourself.  Compose a strategy. And implement.

At Proven and Probable we have a long term view on Uranium.  Should the price decline in the Uranium issuers we will deploy more capital and procure more.  Should the prices of the issuers continue to increase we will take our profits when feel the price movement is not sustainable. However, we are at the bottom right now and have a long, long way to go.  Remember, its not an if, but rather a when proposition for Uranium.  The when proposition for Uranium shall become a win proposition, but should you elect to wait for Uranium to become a win proposition you miss out on the value proposition. The time to become proactive is now.  The gains that will be realized in the right issuers will be life changing!  To paraphrase legendary Rick Rule: “Either the lights go out or the price of Uranium goes up”.

Uranium Issuers worthy of your consideration (We do not have positions in all of the issuers below. Why?  Either we are satisfying positions in other issuers and or our limited price has not been filled.):

Cameco: Producer

Deep Yellow: Explorer

Fission Uranium: Explorer

Fission 3.0: Prospect Generator

Denison Mines: Developer/Explorer

Millrock Resources: Project Generator

NexGen: Explorer

Uranium Energy Corp.: Developer/Production-Ready

Uranium Resources Inc: Explorer

Uranium Participation: ETF for physical Uranium

Special Thanks: To Amir Adnani the Chief Executive Officer, President, Director of Urnaium Energy Corp. for conveying the spot price movement with our subscribers.

Contact details for Uranium Energy Corp.:

Amir Adnani  |  President & CEO


Toll Free: 1-866-748-1030

NYSE MKT: UEC  |  www.uraniumenergy.com


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