Top performance in mining stocks starts with elite management

Rick Rule, CEO Sprott US Holdings  
Don’t miss Rick Rule in Vancouver as he hosts the popular “Living Legends” panel discussion with Robert Friedland, Rob McEwen, Robert Quartermain, and Randy Smallwood. Click here for more information.
Doug Casey, Founder Casey Research
Bestselling author Doug Casey will be among the featured speakers at the Vancouver Natural Resources Symposium this year where he and co-author John Hunt will launch their newest book, Drug Lord.
Which mining stocks are solid gold? 
Top performance in mining stocks starts with elite management

In a recent discussion hosted by Sprott US Media, titled “Will Gold Trump Politics in 2017”, I had the chance to sit down with Rick Rule, Trey Reik and James Rickards, and pick their brains regarding the state of the economy, gold as an investment, and gold miners.

Mr. Rickards put it well when he said, “…when I think about gold mining stocks, the first question I ask myself is who’s in charge? Are they high integrity? Are they fly-by-night? Have they done this before with other companies? Is this their first venture? What’s the alignment of interest with the investors? … Are you dealing with good management?

Mr. Rule followed later, explaining “What you need to do is look at the résumés of the individuals in place and figure out whether those résumés are actually suited to the task at hand.”

Are the management teams at top natural resource firms suited for the task at hand?It’s a good question, particularly in an economic environment such as the one that we are currently in, when diversification into gold and miners is as important as ever.

Last year, attendees of Sprott’s Natural Resource Symposium got to find out in person, listening to executives from McEwen Mining, Osisko, Pretium, Silver Wheaton and more.

This year, registrants will have the chance to understand first hand, who are these managers? Speakers this year include Rule and Rickards, David Stockman, and Robert Friedland, as well as the heads of the Natural Resource world, with executives from Uranium Energy, Fission Uranium, First Mining Finance, Auryn Resources, and Almaden Minerals to name just a few.

If you’re interested, please save the date for this year’s Symposium – to be held July 25-28.  Event registration and more details on all the wonderful speakers can be found here

As an added bonus, you’ll receive online access to audio recordings from the  2015 event which includes a remarkable presentation by Eric Sprott. So register today and get a jump start on the content that you’ll see here in July. 

The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium Vancouver 2017
Time is running out!
This summer, my team and I at Sprott Inc. will return to Vancouver, British Columbia, to host the finest junior resource investing conference of the year—The 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium. And once again, we expect several hundred highly qualified, sophisticated investors to join us for the extraordinary event.

Our featured speakers for 2017 include two New York Times bestselling authors: James Rickards, author of “Currency Wars,” and David Stockman, author of “Trumped.”

We are also pleased to welcome Doug Casey, Steve Sjuggerud, Marin Katusa, Matt Badiali and a host of other top writers and presenters back to the stage.

And, of course, our roster wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of several senior mining company CEOs, such as Robert Friedland and Randy Smallwood.

This event, which takes place July 25th-28th at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, will undoubtedly sell out.

Register and reserve your spot today.

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