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Jericho Oil Corporation’s primary business objective is to drive long-term shareholder value through the growth of oil and gas production, cash flow and reserves.

Jericho’s growth strategy is achieved through the acquisition and development of overlooked and undervalued assets across the Mid-Continent region, primarily in Central Oklahoma. The Company brings a systematic, consistent asset development plan to revitalize, exploit and expand known-producing oil-focused fields and basins that have been underserved from both a capital and modern technological perspective focused on the Hunton, Mississippi Lime and Woodford Shale formations.

Roll-up of distressed and undercapitalized assets during commodity downturn
– Built enviable ~70,000 gross acre position at low-cost entry with significant current production value
– Portfolio of two resource projects with competitive project returns utilizing optimized completion techniques
– NE OK: cash flowing assets to support growth initiatives
– Stacked-Pay optionality in each asset

In order to achieve Jericho’s primary business objective of driving long-term shareholder value through the growth of oil and gas production, cash flow and reserves, the Company has identified basins located within the Mid-Continent which have experienced the most severe capital flight amid the precipitous drop in the price of oil.  Pervasive capital accessibility has the ability to veil the true economic and repeatable viability of drilling oil and gas reserves.  However, since the drop in the price of oil, credit and equity has become scarce amongst what once were considered the ‘next’ horizontally-drilled shale plays.  Accordingly, capital flight from the Mid-Continent region specifically, has produced illiquidity and, more importantly, market dislocations in regards to the long-term intrinsic value for both cash flow positive and highly-distressed assets alike.

Many of the Mid-Continent basins may yet prove to be viable long-term manufactures of oil and gas reserves.  However, lower prices have left the region capital starved and / or distressed.  This dislocation presents Jericho with the opportunity to acquire undervalued and underappreciated assets at appreciable discounts to the true underlying value while creating a margin of safety.  Most importantly, the Company seeks to employ discipline, patience and strong judgement in evaluating oil and gas assets.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a regional office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jericho commenced operations in March, 2014 on the TSX-Venture and has since grown through eight transactions with gross production totaling over 800 BOEPD (65% Oil).  Jericho holds a weighted average of approximately 50% Working Interest across its asset base with a private family partner owning the remaining Working Interest.


These shareholders own ~57% of the company

– Breen Family (Ed Breen, CEO DowDuPont / Former CEO of Tyco & Board Member at Comcast) USA
– Michael L. Graves (Calumet Oil) USA
– Belzberg Family (Sam Belzberg, Gibralt Capital Corporation) CAN
– Yeung Family (Ben Yeung, Peterson Group) CAN
– Hegna Family, USA
– LEO Group (Institutional Fund) USA

 Brian Williamson – Chief Executive Officer

– Brian has been a part of the energy industry since 1995. Mr. Williamson, in his role as CEO, is responsible for Jericho’s corporate vision,
direction and strategy. Day to day, he spends his time with the team evaluating and developing the company’s assets and capital market
activities. Mr. Williamson holds both a J.D. and C.P.A (inactive)