Riverside Resources – Project Updates, Exploration Results, and New Deals

Dr. John-Mark Staude the CEO of Riverside Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to provide shareholders with Project Updates on Clemente optioned to Silver Viper Minerals Corp, Sugarloaf sold to Croesus Gold Corp, and Cecilia exploration results. In conclusion Mr. Staude provides updates on Riverside’s Financials and the ongoing potential of new deals.




Maurice:  Welcome to Proven & Probable where we focus on metals, mining and more. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson. Joining us today is the president, CEO and director of Riverside Resources, Dr. John-Mark Staude. Riverside Resources trades on the TSX-V, symbol RRI, and on the OTC, symbol RVSDF. Full disclosure, for today’s listeners, we are proud shareholders of Riverside Resources for the virtues we will convey in today’s message. John-Mark, thank you for joining us today.

John-Mark:  Yeah. It’s great to be on the show with you today.

Maurice:  All right, John-Mark. It seems like every single month, shareholders are delighted to hear from you because you always have some great news for us. Let’s begin today’s discussion with Durango.

John-Mark:  Oh, Durango, we’re very excited. Riverside has found a project that has drill holes that have over 1,000 grams silver. Best of all, we own it. It’s all inside of the Peñoles Project, the Jesus Maria vein and other veins that are 100% Riverside-owned. So having veins with high grade over 1,000 grams silver is excellent for Riverside and growing silver market, we are so delighted to be moving ahead.

Maurice:  You know, just for listeners, I want to make sure we’ve very clear on this. You didn’t say 100. You stated 1,000. Is that correct?

John-Mark:  That is correct. We’re excited to have such high grades.

Maurice:  Moving forward, let’s talk about private partners going public with Riverside assets.

John-Mark:  Well, we’re very excited, you know. Riverside has strong enough projects that single companies can use our assets to develop their entire corporation. Silver Viper is the company that’s going public on the TSX and it’s using our Clemente Project. So we own the project. We have large shares. We have cash coming to us and the drill program and, best of all, it’s coming to us as a prospect generator for free. Riverside also has the Sugarloaf Peak project that we have put into a company called Croesus Gold. It’s their only asset, their lead asset, and they’re going forward again, going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. So Riverside’s assets are good enough that other companies can grow. They derisk the projects further. We keep a royalty on everything, so Riverside is in a great position following through with what we promised for 2017, new IPOs.

Maurice:  Always great to hear. Let’s move forward to Cecilia. I understand that the results are in from the first phase of exploration.

John-Mark:  Yeah, we’re very excited. We put out a news release that we have launched our field programs and now we’re beginning to get back check assays from checking of the samples that are in the trenches, all the drilling and particularly we’re going to the old underground workings. From that, we can see there’s mineralization around. We’re now coming up with a target verifying them and moving again on Cecilia. Having 100% on projects, such strong projects and safe stable places to work, Riverside is really set in doing well. We’re following our business plan.

Maurice:  Speaking of your business plan, John-Mark, let’s talk about the treasury. You’ve been able to accomplish all of this with maintaining 6 million? Is that correct?

John-Mark:  That’s correct. You know, cash is king. Riverside has got no debt. We have 6 million dollars cash. We have a tight share structure. After a decade of running as a public company, we only have 44 million shares out, so a tight share structure, large cash position and relatively small share price at only 40 to 45 cents sets us up for big upside with limited downside risk. Riverside has been very careful, prudent with our capital and we’re very excited about going forward keeping going and protecting that capital.

Maurice:  We’re really delighted with the value proposition for Riverside Resources. John-Mark, before we close today, last question, what did I forget to ask?

John-Mark:  I think from Riverside, we’ve been able to take advantage of any downturn in the market. So when the market gets weak and you see Riverside announces new deals because we can capture opportunities. We know what we want and when other people finally get to our price range, we pick up additional projects. We have the go-forward projects with companies like Centerra Gold drilling at Glor. We have other things coming as well. So Riverside is in a perfect position for a real strong robust the rest of 2017.

Maurice:  And John-Mark, if someone listening today wants to get more information regarding Riverside Resources, please give us the contact details.

John-Mark:  The website is very easy. That’s rivres.com. Please also you can call us, 778-327-6671. We really look forward to speaking with you.

Maurice:  And last but not least, please visit our website, www.provenandprobable.com. Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources, thank you for joining us today on Proven & Probable.

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