Riverside Resources – Cecilia Project Time For Trenching and Drilling

Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the exciting, new developments on the 100% owned Cecilia Project in Sonora, Mexico at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium. With over 5 grams Gold near surface sampling just completed, Riverside is now ready to move onto the trenching and drill phase. The financials for Riverside are most impressive, having 0 debt, 5 million cash in the Treasury and a tight share structure of less 45 million shares, the value proposition looks very promising for Riverside Resources.

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Welcome to Proven and Probable, where we focus on metals, mining and more. We are joined today by Dr John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources. Thank you sir.


Wonderful to be with you today on the show.


Riverside Resources trades on the TSX symbol RRI and OTC symbol RVSDF.

John-Mark, you’re one of the feature speakers here at the Sprott Natural Resources Symposium. You were on the panel yesterday. Talk to listeners today. What was the discussion about?


The discussion today was really fun because we talked about the business of exploration. We talked about how prospect generators develop a business. The business plan that we do is finding partners, getting them to spend the money, lower the risk. It was great to be on the panel with Gregg Club and other prospect generators.


It is so important for our listeners to understand the value proposition that prospect generators bring to the table and specifically Riverside Resources. I know that Rick Rule speaks very highly of Riverside Resources and all the work that you are doing there. So, kudos to you there, sir.

Now, shareholders want to hear, what’s the latest and greatest about Cecilia?


It’s so much fun. We’ve just had news released out about Cecilia. Cecilia, in fact, we have one of the samples here from the rhyolite fractures, have large areas, tens of meters of consistent mineralization. Having over five grams gold. Having really nice gold. Having good silver. Near the surface and at the surface. In channel sampling is ideal. It’s the second stage of sampling now. And now we can move to the trenching and drill phase. We are so excited. Projects on track, on budget and getting great results in a very easy to work project. The Cecilia project is excellent for us. We’re really excited.


Who’s the joint venture partner in this, by the way?


There is none. This is a hundred percent Riverside. Everyone keeps asking that, you know? They’re like, “but, wait. Riverside’s doing it ourselves?”. We are so excited.

You know, we have cash about. We have over five million dollars cash. No debt. A really tight share structure. Fewer than 45 million shares out, going a hundred percent in, not all in, just in. Not a big expensive program. Great way for Riverside to capture the value for us, the shareholders.

So, for the Riverside shareholders the Cecilia project right now, is looking really good. Really excited about it.


I know shareholders are delighted to hear that. Talk to us about the future. What is the next catalyst for Riverside Resources?


The next catalyst at the Cecilia project is getting the drill permit, going forward with the trenching. Those results will define where we go next. The other next catalyst is at the Glor project. That’s coming up and we already got some terra gold, fully funded.

So, they drilled one of the targets. We have four more targets. That’s going right now.

So, the next catalyst will be the news results from the work program that’s happening, right now. So, we’re very excited. We’ll be pushing those out, coming along. So we’re right on track. It’s good times.


John-Mark, for someone listening today that wants to contact you and get more information regarding Riverside Resources, what’s the best way to contact you?


Please, go to our website, which is, R-I-V-R-E-S dot com (www.rivres.com). On there you can get our phone number, which is, seven, seven eight three two seven, six, six, seven, one.

Or, send us an email at Riv Res. We’d love to talk to you. Or, there- have an eight hundred number. Love to keep in contact with anyone that’s interested in Riverside Resources.


Dr John-Mark Saude at Riverside Resources, thank you for joining us today on Proven and Probable. All the best, sir.


Thanks, Maurice. Great to be with you.


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