Perfect Timing As Gold is Exploding… [Online Gold Summit Live Now]

Gold Summit Day 1 Is Live

Online Gold Summit Is Live

Today is the BIG day for the launch of the GOLD Summit. Below you’ll find day 1 of the summit.

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DAVID MORGAN – Numismatic Coins: Fact vs Fiction What is the definition of numismatic? Are bullion bars or coins better? Do you even need numismatics? This is a highly controversial subject, even in the precious metals industry! Is it more a collector market or a commodity market? Gold or silver or? Join an expert, David Morgan for a highly important discussion.

JIM PUPLAVA – The Truth Behind Metals Investing: Gold Vs Commodities. What THEY Don’t want you to know. Step along with Jim Puplava of for a look at several of the tidbits the market manipulators and powers that be DON’T want you to know. Is there a difference between owning or holding v. investing? Why should a prospective investor consider precious metals v. other commodities or stocks? Can an investor actually ‘take delivery’ on a futures contract for precious metals or even currencies? Mr. Puplava explains that precious metals don’t “earn interest” and why a prospective investor would own or hold the same as an investment! These issues and more covered.

JIM WYCKOFF – How To Read Charts Right- Spot Vs Reality & Historical Trends Jim Wyckoff, a technical expert and guru in the industry, who works with one of the largest well known precious metals and commodity service agencies: Kitco, joins the summit to layout many tips, tricks, tools and indicators a prospective investor can use and learn from, even make wise decisions toward executing/conducting commodity trading.

JOSH PHAIR – Fakes & Frauds: How to Identify and Avoid Them Josh Phair (Scottsdale Silver) discloses new technology certain to make a positive impact in the precious metals industry that the average investor (and others) can look to as a new (and additional) tool to fight off/fend off the rash of fakes and frauds that seemingly become more and more sophisticated and invasive.

KENNETH GERBINO – Understanding Risks/Rewards of Mining Stocks Mining stocks can become a real measure of wealth and speculation in relation to trading and the highly manipulated stock numbers Wall St. is throwing out these days. Hear Ken Gerbino explain what items to understand and look toward in a mining stocks like differences between a resource and a reserve, the size of a deposit and grade of the same, economics of scale and tonnage, geographic and political regions and trade-offs and more!

ERIC GOLDSMITH – Reclaiming Precious Metals from Everyday Items This fascinating interview with Eric Goldsmith ( discusses the potential you might have in turning over your old electronic items to a scrapper instead of a garbage bin. Mr. Goldsmith also reveals how much more there is to know/learn about being a successful scrapper and developing a multitude of business relationships, what to look for and how far to take one’s efforts!

It’s Not too Late!  Learn more and Register here for Free!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Gold Summit.

As I said earlier, this is the best training you are going to get anywhere online. You’ll want to get the VIP pass now. Get your EXCLUSIVE VIP ALL ACCESS PASS HERE!

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David Morgan

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