Nicaragua: In the Wake of Hurricane Nate

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For nearly 20 years, we’ve been encouraging people to explore and get to know Nicaragua – whether it’s sharing spectacular scenery or introducing the next-best lifestyle or emerging market investment strategies.

Michelle Sedita and I first visited Nicaragua in 1998. Back then it was pretty rough and undeveloped, but we saw its potential and we’ve been bringing like-minded individuals here ever since.

And right from the very start… what really drew us in were the Nicaraguans themselves – the kindest, sweetest and happiest people we’ve ever met.

Today, in the wake of Hurricane Nate… many of these dear people desperately need your help.

If you’ve traveled to Nicaragua with us or read our e-letters, you’re likely familiar with Funlimón, a non-profit vocational and community center… funded for the last 10 years almost entirely by the Mark and Kathryn Ford Foundation, and assisted by our friends at Rancho Santana.

Together they are cooperating with a number of local organizations and facilitating all accounting of relief donations to 20 or more impacted local communities. This is being done with ZERO administration costs. That means 100% of donations directly or through their website go entirely to buying much needed relief supplies.

Won’t you join me in helping? These victims of Hurricane Nate are lacking in the most basic of needs.

Many of these communities are cut off with no food, water, or electricity. One community has 400 residents who are subsistence farmers. They lost everything, including two years of stored grain that was grown using money loaned from a local bank. Not only are they faced with utter structural devastation and the complete loss of two years of their stored wealth and food… on top of that they’re shouldered with a loan that will be impossible to repay.

And to make matters worse, due to the storm, the town is now accessible only on foot via a three-hour trek each way.

With our planet in disarray, so many poor souls in need of help and so much devastation, one can’t avoid feeling overwhelmed. I’m asking myself every day, “how can I help, who should I help?”

Knowing that 100% of the money donated goes to support these communities helps me make that decision… and gives me hope. Ongoing overhead and personnel costs of running FunLimon are covered through a separate source of funding so remember, EVERY dollar donated goes toward helping these communities in Nicaragua.

PLEASE DONATE NOW by following this link:

OR mail checks directly to:

The Mark and Kathryn Ford Family Foundation
235 NE 4th Avenue Suite 101
Delray Beach FL, 33483

No Matter How Much We Do, There’s Still More to Be Done.

Just yesterday we received an urgent request from The Oxford Club’s Julia Guth and Dr. Jose Mosquera, Medical Director at Roberto Clemente Health Clinic. They tell us that Hurricane Nate was the worst storm to hit their area in decades – certainly the worst storm since they opened the Clinic doors in 2004.

They lost power in the entire region for days. Their battery-powered backup generator eventually also gave out.

Visit here to see how the Clinic responded to this disaster through pictures… not just words.

Many people don’t realize that the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is a nonprofit supported by individual donations. They have become a model private health clinic in Central America, providing more than just emergency and primary care. Their inspiring team is dedicated to health education outreach, including programs for healthy eating, gardening and water treatment.

Several of their colleagues and residents are now without homes, clean water, food, clothing and medicines. So far, they have documented 940 families in dire need, many of which are in hilly, remote areas that are very hard to access on the washed-out roads.

The long process of cleaning up and getting the community back on its feet has started. Their team is working tirelessly to make sure the Clinic is able to respond to all emergencies. Using their one ambulance and other back-road vehicles, they are doing the needed outreach to those who cannot make it to a facility.

They could really use your help. More resources are needed plus funds to add staff, get more medicines, replace equipment, repair and upgrade their facility and vehicles, and distribute donated supplies.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is a donor-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in Maryland, so your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Visit to learn more about the fine work they do.

Matching funds of up to $50,000 for 2017 are being provided by The Oxford Club so your donation can go even further if you donate now. Please join me today by donating here.

And one final note… I encourage you to always investigate before you donate. Through Guidestar you can verify legit non-profits like the ones mentioned above.

Thank you for listening… and lending a helping hand.

Barbara Perriello, Director
Opportunity Travel


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