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Subscribers, we just completed a series of interviews that you won’t want to miss!

Market Commentary and Perspectives:
Rick Rule of Sprott Global Resource Investments – We will be discussing the prudence and virtues of investing in the best of the best of people and how the best people beat the best commodities.

Jayant Bhandari, host of the highly acclaimed Capitalism and Morality will be addressing events in India, and address arbitrage opportunities that are capturing his attention.

Respectively our interviews with issuers below will highlight unique value propositions, accomplishments, goals, catalyst. As investors will be able to identify the (Best People) that Rick Rule eluded to in his exclusive interview.
Project Generators:
Dr. John Mark Staude of Riverside Resources

Gregory Beischer of Millrock Resources

Ross McElroy of Fission Uranium

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  1. Looking forward to your talk with Ross McElroy of Fission Uranium. Very interested in the Basin and how Fission is preparing for the eventual renewal of the market.

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