Mirasol Resources – New Look, Same Impressive Outcome

In this episode, Stephen Nano the President, Director, and CEO of Mirasol Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the new, exciting logo and website makeover, portfolio reallocation, and Joint Venture partners.  Mirasol has upgraded their website and logo to convey their new attitude towards the companies vision and future.  The portfolio is being reallocated from being a gold centric portfolio to adding copper with district scale potential. Mirasol now has a business development team in Chile and Canada!  Finally, updates on the drill season with Joint Venture Partners Yamana and OceanaGold.  New look, same impressive outcome.




Proven and Probable:

Welcome to Proven and Probable where we focus on metals, mining and more. Joining us today from Spark National Resource Symposium is Stephen Nanos with Marisol Resources. Stephen, Thanks for joining us.

Stephen Nano: 

Great. Always a pleasure man. Thank you.

Proven and Probable:

Notice today, that Marisol Resources has a new logo, talk to share holders … why the change?

Stephen Nano: 

Well, I think it was time. The website is very old, it was time to renovate it, but I think it’s really the opportune where they’re bringing forth a big crop of new projects, focusing on a bunch of new deals. So important for this new look … the company. And, I guess, watch the space as we build up new project pages for the things we are dealing and for the new projects we have in the portfolio.

Proven and Probable:

Speaking of projects, I’ve noticed there has been a redistribution or allocation in the portfolio. It was more goal centric. Now you’ve added copper.

Stephen Nano:

Really again a very cyclical move for us. I think we have had a, you know, two to three year cycle here of project portfolio building. Initially focused on gold. Right at the bottom of the gold market. We took an opportunity there to use a skill set, a project generation skill set to build this portfolio up. Really high caliber gold projects … That’s moving forward. We saw an opportunity, about a year, year and a half ago, to do the same in copper. When the copper market was at the bottom. I am recently into opportunity in Chile. And, in the 25 years that I’ve been working, high caliber copper ground is opening up. SO thankfully the Marisol board would like us to start generative cycle for copper. I think again it really well timed move. What we are seeing now is very, very strong demand for our gold projects. And a very high, high build up in demand in copper projects from large copper producers. So we have a really nice balance.

Now, of course, if you looking for copper then Chile is a really sensible place to be. Approximately 40 percent of the world’s copper in the last 20 years had been discovered in that country. So now we have a very enormous portfolio. Precious metal and copper projects that we’re focused on and finding partners with.

Proven and Probable:  

Speaking of projects and portfolio. Two or three years ago the portfolio was being built. Adding projects … Now there is a shift. Talk about the shift.

Stephen Nano:

Well, I guess what we’ve done here is we’ve gone through a building phase. Marisol currently controls, in Chile and Argentina, over half a million hectares in about 40 odd projects. Marisol has always been, and remains, a precious metal focused company. But now we have those copper projects as well. We’ve really, I guess, stopped a lot … We’ve been very, very successful at what we well, which is generate large scale, you know, district sized targets and now we are moving to focus on intuit business development. So, not only are we standing here with a portfolio of great gold and copper projects but also more business development team.  We have a business development person in Chile and in Vancouver. So, for the first time Marisol finally has a team of people working and focused on getting those deals in place. It’s going to be an exciting, you know, six to twelve months. I’m anticipating a lot of deal flow and, of course, that’s the key thing about what we’re doing here, is to create real value.

You need to discover it. And to make discoveries, you need drilling. And that’s our focus now, is getting those drill rigs turning on multiple projects. And accelerating that drill discovery that’s going to return value to our shareholders that share price appreciation.

Proven and Probable:    Before we leave, lets talk about you Joint Venture Partners. Because you are talking about joining drilling.

Stephen Nano:

Yes. Well look, at the moment we have two really strong joint adventures in place. They both precious metal joint ventures. One is with Yumana Gold in Chile. Yumana in March made of$ 400,000 dollar payment to us to continue into this next year. This is going to be a big drill season. Definitely we are on to a large, oxidized bulk, you know, bulk minable style gold system. The drilling is going to be focused on finding something that is, potentially, minor discovery but really encouraged today. We also have, brand new, exciting joint venture, in Argentina, with Oceanian Gold. So both these companies are, you know,  upper mid-tier producers. Oceania’s first four are new to South America. Is with Marisol on La Curva project. The deal structure there … you will see us support approximately 3,000 meters into Curva before Christmas. And, again, you know, targeting more drill targets will high grade gold. Large scale footprints … multiple systems … Exciting stuff.

Proven and Probable:

It really is.

Stephen Nano: 

Potentially that deal. That you see it combined. We are anticipating, in the order of, you know, somewhere around 6,000 meters of drilling before Christmas in those two projects. And probably around 3 million Canadian underground from our Join Venture Partners on two project are in order. So, a really busy time and a really exciting time.

Proven and Probable:

It truly is. Now, Stephen, for someone listening, if they want to get more information regarding Marisol resources, what’s the contact?

Stephen Nano:    

Yeah, Look … Brand new website is our nature. We think its a rather attractive website with some cool functionality. So, please visit www.mirasolresources.com and have a look at what we’ve done. And please, you know, sign up because we’re building our new project pages, as we speak, to add to that. And, of course, contact intel is on the website for myself or for Jonathan Russet, the new manager for Mirasol Resources

Proven and Probable:     Stephen Nano of Marisol Resources. Thank you for joining us today.

Stephen Nano:                 Thank you again.

Proven and Probable:        All the best.

Speaker 3: 

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