MILES FRANKLIN | China Lining Up Countries Against The Dollar?

Written by Chris Marcus for the Miles Franklin blog

There was an interesting report in the Wall Street Journal last week indicating that China may be in the process of taking its effort to de-couple from the U.S. debt markets to the next level.
In the past year the Chinese government has taken a series of actions towards moving away from U.S. financial infrastructure, and now they may be soliciting other nations to join their effort.
For its part, China is looking to line up other countries, especially in Europe and Asia, against the U.S., Chinese officials say. Their companies could benefit from China’s plans to allow foreign companies better access to its markets. The State Council, China’s cabinet, said late Wednesday it had decided to lower tariffs on imported washing machines, cosmetics and other consumer goods, starting July 1.
One can only wonder what the thinking in Washington really is at this point.
That the United States has adopted an aggressive foreign policy towards China hardly comes as a surprise given past history. Yet what’s different this time is that the policy is being directed against a nation that has the economic ability to respond. Which is exactly what China has done to this point.
As always, it’s only responsible to mention that this is a report based on sources, and not official verifiable government policy. Although if accurate as depicted, it demonstrates just how willing China is to defend itself against the U.S..
Earlier this year in a direct attack on the Petrodollar system the Chinese launched their own PetroYuan contract. Which according to this report has been rapidly growing in its use and adoption. Additionally, there is now news that the Chinese may even be considering their own Yuan-denominated precious metals contract. Which really is yet another stunning development.
There’s plenty of commentary on the Miles Franklin blog about how the precious metals prices have been manipulated lower with the sale of unbacked paper contracts. With a general belief in the community that at some point the demand for actual physical will overwhelm the amount of metal available and squeeze the market higher. And if the yuan precious metals contract experiences similar success and adoption to that of the PetroYuan contract, it would be truly fascinating to see what happens to the COMEX system after a few months of that.
The combination of a potential coalition against the U.S., the PetroYuan, and the possibility of a Yuan-denominated precious metals contract are an alarming series of developments for the dollar. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the events that are taking place on a regular basis are actually happening, especially without the markets pricing in the developments. Yet the signs are there, and likely to only to continue to increase until the markets are eventually repriced.
Which also means that the case for an incredibly bright future for both gold and silver is still intact, with perhaps the time to get in at anywhere near current levels quickly running out.
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This “how to” secure storage strategy is for those of you who, like me, love gold, silver and bitcoin.Actually, if you only love gold or silver and hate bitcoin, this article will show you how to store your precious metal in fully segregated and secure offshore storage facilities protected by your own armed security force.

If you love bitcoin and hate gold and silver, you’re going to learn how to safely store your bitcoin in a super secure, unhackable and bulletproof bitcoin “cold storage” system.

So I guess it doesn’t really matter if you do not love both precious metals and bitcoin. You are still going to learn something valuable by reading this article.

Here’s a newsflash for you….

Bitcoin and gold or silver are not mutually exclusive. You can and probably should like them all. Or at least buy them all. I’ve been buying gold and silver for fifteen years. I’ve been buying bitcoin since it was $50 a coin. And I’m still buying both.

But it is interesting to see how triggered some people get when discussing bitcoin and precious metals. You’d think you were talking politics. The debates on which is better can get really vicious and or delusional.

Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff hate the bitcoin and love gold and silver.

Hunter Riley III and David Morgan love the gold, silver and bitcoin.

I’m not exactly sure where Andy Schectman and the Miles Franklin team stand. Probably somewhere in the middle.

I do know that they will gladly take your bitcoin and sell you some gold.

Either way, I’m writing this article so I get the last word and here it is….

Read it and weep, Rickards.

Stop wasting your time and tears.

Cryptocurrencies and precious metals are all here to stay and will become even more popular and expensive or valuable once the idiots in charge of our governments have too many plates to spin.
Learn to love them both.
Learn how to buy them both.

Learn how to safely and secretly store them both.

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Now let’s get into it….

As you probably know, a bitcoin is not an actual coin, it is more like a sophisticated piece of computer code. And there are many different ways to store bitcoin on the internets, your computer, mobile phone or even a piece of paper.

And since all of this bitcoin cryptocurrency stuff has something to do with computers and the internet, you know what that means, don’t you?

It means your bitcoin can usually be hacked!

Well, your actual bitcoin can’t really be hacked, unless something known as a 51% attack happens, but you can be hacked and your bitcoin can be pretty easily stolen from you if you do not follow proper secure storage protocol.

There are many different ways to store your bitcoin.

Most of the methods for storing bitcoin are referred to as using some type of “wallet”.

To be quick, you have the option of storing your bitcoin in a hot storage wallet or a cold storage wallet.

When you keep your bitcoin in a hot wallet, you are keeping it in storage that is directly connected to the internet. Examples of a hot wallet are the software wallet or the Coinbase online exchange storage wallet. These are not “bad” wallets, I use both of these wallets for storage of crypto and bitcoin but I do not keep the bulk of my bitcoin stored in any kind of online or “hot” wallet as this leaves you vulnerable to third party risk, confiscation or a hack. Just consider hot wallets as your cryptocurrency checking account. Exodus happens to be my favorite wallet for my cryptocurrency checking account.

So where do I keep most of my bitcoin?

In a cold storage wallet.

A cold storage wallet is an offline wallet that does not have an active connection to the internet.

A cold storage wallet can be a “paper wallet” or a “hardware wallet”. A paper wallet is where you basically just print out your public and private bitcoin keys on to a piece of paper and store it in a safe with your gold and silver. A cold storage hardware wallet is more like a detachable USB drive that you can fit your billions of dollars worth of bitcoin in as easily as songs on your iphone.

My favorite cold storage hardware wallet is called a Trezor. This unique wallet does not have an active connection to the internet and never exposes your private keys to the internet which means that your bitcoin is safe from hackers and stays only in your possession. You can load billions of dollars worth of bitcoin onto this usb-like device and store it in a safe with all your gold and silver.

Now on to the gold and silver. Let’s talk about the…..
One of the best ways to store your precious metals is using what is known as fully segregated and secure offshore storage.
I can just hear you thinking….
Hunter, what the hell is fully segregated and secure offshore storage and why do I need it?
Well smart reader, as you probably know, you have to be very careful when storing your gold, silver or other precious metals with another party.

In some cases, if the company storing your metals goes bankrupt and your metals are on their balance sheet, your metals can be taken and a bankruptcy court may only give you back a fraction of what your precious metals are worth because you are considered a general creditor to the company.

In other cases, the company who says they are storing your metals can lend them out or even worse, say they bought and are storing your precious metals but never actually buy them as Morgan Stanley did in 2007. The sneaky bastards still charged their customers storage fees for storing this ghost metal.

Those are just a couple of the land mines you’ve got to avoid when storing your gold and silver and some pretty frickin good reasons to use the fully segregated and secure offshore storage system provided by Miles Franklin.

The “fully segregated” in the Miles Franklin fully segregated and secure offshore storage system means that your gold and silver is counted and verified under a recording video camera and titled in your name. After your precious metal is counted and titled, your metal is sealed in a secure container and stamped with your name and account number.

This means your silver and gold are not “commingled” with other customers metals as they are in many other storage facilities. Your precious metals are titled and stored separately from all other holders which leaves no chance anyone will have access to them but you. And for insurance purposes, there is a verified record of the exact precious metals you are securing.

In the Miles Franklin fully segregated and secure storage system, your precious metals are insured, with vault services provided by Brink’s Canada. And unlike other precious metals storage joints, the metals are not an asset of Miles Franklin or Brink’s and cannot be subject to the claims of any creditor of the two companies. This means the metals are considered your managed assets, and are not listed on the books or balance sheets of Miles Franklin. So if either Miles or Brink’s was ever to go bankrupt, the bankruptcy courts have zero claim to your metal. In addition to all this good stuff, your gold and silver are audited on a yearly basis by both Miles Franklin and the independent auditing services of Inspectorate America Corporation for their extra safety and assurance.
Here’s How the Miles Franklin Fully Segregated and Secure Offshore Storage System Works…
STEP ONE: Buy some gold and silver from Miles Franklin. Just give them a call at 1-800-822-8080 and tell them the world famous Hunter Riley III sent you. They will then ship your metals to storage using Brink’s Global Services. Of course, if you already have a war chest of precious metal in your possession you can personally drop off or ship directly to their segregated storage facility. Start the process at the Miles Franklin precious metals storage website here or call 1-877-685-4705
You’ll have to fill out some paperwork and client agreements.
STEP TWO: Once your gold and silver arrives at the Brink’s Canada precious metals storage facility, they are counted and verified under recorded camera and titled in your name and account number. Then your metal is placed into a super grey security box with a tamper-proof pull tight security seal. Your name, seal number and account number are stamped on the box and added to the computer system.

In a few days, you’ll be mailed your Miles Franklin and Brink’s inventory certificate with all the above information.


Your gold and silver is now super secure, segregated and fully insured.

But Hunter, what do you like best about the Miles Franklin Fully Segregated and Secure Offshore Storage System that makes it stick out from any other similar storage system in the world?
Such a smart reader. I’m glad you asked.
ONE: PROTECTED BY YOUR OWN PRIVATE ARMY. Miles Franklin utilizes vault services provided by Brink’s Canada ro secure and store your precious metals. Brink’s was founded in Chicago in 1859 so they’ve seen it all, know their stuff and they have that badass Chicago attitude. Brink’s is probably the most respected, sophisticated and experienced precious metals protector in the world. Your metals are housed in their state of the art storage facilities and protected by a private armed security force.
TWO: YOU SEE STORAGE. Unlike other storage facilities, you can actually visit, check up on and see your metals in storage once a month if you would like. This is an ultra-transparent segregated storage system that you can monitor with your own eyes as well as receive yearly audits from two separate companies.
THREE: OFFSHORE STORAGE IN CANADA. The late comedian Robin Williams always said Canada was like a loft above a really great party. Now depending on what you are looking at, he may have a point, but I happen to love Canada as a financially and socially stable safe haven country to offshore some of my gold and silver. Storing your bullion in Canada will allow you to avoid any attempts at confiscation in the USA. Yes, I know that is a long shot, so what else is it good for? Unlike the USA, Canada has very few capital controls which means at any time you can ship your precious metals to locations across the world without facing extra hassle or scrutiny in shipping metal from the USA. It also adds an extra degree of separation between your gold and the banking/financial system in the USA.
So if you’ve already read the #1 best selling book in the entire world on gold and silver, Stack Silver Get Gold, you’ll know that there is a three part “store and secure” plan in the book for guarding your precious metals. The Miles Franklin fully segregated and secure offshore storage system fulfills the third part of this plan.
If you’ve built up a wonderful war chest of gold, silver and bitcoin, don’t take any chances.

Get a Trezor for your bitcoin and call up Miles Franklin to guard some of your gold.

That is all for today.

I’m writing you this letter from a little town in Door County, Wisconsin called Egg Harbor.
Believe it or not, their sunsets rival the sunsets of San Juan.
I mean look at this picture I took.
You would think Monet himself painted it.

Now go get into it.


Egg Harbor, Wisconsin USA
Early June, 2018

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