Maurice Jackson – Say It Ain’t Over

A number of subscribers have conveyed to me their concerns regarding the recent pullback in Precious Metals and the Natural Resource Space, specifically the junior mining space, and asked that I share my thoughts. I can and do take quite the delight in price pullbacks. Thus, all this means to me is that I may use the same amount of capital to procure more of the same goods. In other words, I apply the same logic I would to consumer goods as I would to capital goods. Therefore, my response is an emphatic, “thank you” to the sales prices!

I was fortunate enough to not allow my ego to get ahead of me and took a more defensive position in recent weeks as a number of my holdings this year were multi-baggers, meaning over a 100% YTD.  Allow me to share my actions:

  1. liquidated my initial investments in the aforementioned companies that provided me over a 100%, with the exception of SGCNF {Credit: Rick Rule ‘Sprott Global Resource Investments‘, David Morgan author ‘The Silver Manifesto’, & Bob Moriarty author of ‘Nobody Knows Anything’}
  2. why not SGNCF?  Revisit: Jayant Bhandari – Deep Value, High Returns ! ! !
  3. 10% of the initial investment was used to procure more precious metals, specifically PGM’s, more Palladium than Platinum
  4. some of the remaining 90% I have ready to redeploy into the same positions but at a lower price point
  5. some of the remaining 90% I have already redeployed and either completed and or have open positions in some really unique arbitrage opportunities, credit Jayant Bhandari

Why not liquidate my entire position?  I believe that all of my positions are solid and undervalued. In addition, a number my of my positions have little to sometimes zero trading volume on any given day. So, I don’t want to lose my positions if the market should decide to move bullish.

Do I believe we are set for higher prices in the Natural Resource Space? Absolutely!  But, I would regard that view as seeing the forest. Remember, the forest is comprised of many trees. Therefore, bad or good weather or specific circumstances, such as a forest fire, don’t necessarily affect every tree. This is the beauty of value investing and relationships (revisit the aforementioned names).

Remember, Precious Metals to me are a part of my savings account, with speculative aspirations that I hope I never have to use.  I don’t treat them like stocks. If you happen to be challenged controlling your emotions, don’t look at the spot price hourly. I would encourage you to remove any apps on your phone that display the spot prices as a precautionary measure. Because looking at the spot price hourly will cause you to miss sleep and or effect your entire attitude for the day.

Years of experience have shown me that new investors into precious metals, bullion are stoked about the fundamentals and believe the spot prices should go up daily. When the spot prices don’t respond to their thesis they allow negative emotions to override, liquidate at a loss, and are an emotional wreck.

Do you monitor the rate of your savings account hourly? If you don’t monitor the rates of your bank or credit union hourly then why not apply that same logic here? Make it easy on yourself. Measure your savings in precious metals, bullion not currency units.  Once you’ve satisfied your desired amount, then and only then, look at investing in the Natural Resource Equities.

Have a position in precious metals, bullion before you move into the speculative arena of junior mining companies.  Trust me, you will sleep very comfortably by doing so.  

Discerning the wheat from the chaff is a laborious endeavor.  At ‘Proven and Probable’ we endeavor to make this process easier. We have access to a number resources and have in some cases daily dialogue with the most respected names in the Natural Resource Space. Recently, we published a number of interviews that merit your attention as to companies and the recently published ‘Nobody Knows Anything‘, respectfully, that should be at a minimum on your radar and at a maximum in your portfolio.

We encourage you to take an active approach and contact issuers (companies) we interviewed.  ‘Proven and Probable’ does have a number pending interviews scheduled to delve further into a number of issuers, we ask that if you have any questions or requests for upcoming interviews to please forward them in the following format: Name, Location, and Question

With Kindest Regards, I am,

Proven & Probable

Proven & Probable

Maurice Jackson

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