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John-Mark Staude, the CEO & President of ‘Riverside Resources‘ sits down with Maurice Jackson to discuss 3 major press releases just published 1) Addition or Ron Burk as the VP for Exploration 2) Glor Project with Centerra Gold 3) Antofagasta Project updates. Riverside Resources continues to make key strategic moves for their shareholders.

John-Mark Staude


John-Mark Staude holds a Ph.D. in economic geology and has over 20 years of diverse mining and exploration experience in precious and base metals. He earned a Masters of Science from Harvard University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in economic geology from the University of Arizona in 1995. Mr. Staude held positions of increasing responsibility with a number of major international mining companies including Kennecott, BHP-Billiton, and most recently Teck Cominco. He also worked with smaller commodity-focused companies like Magma Copper Company and consulted to private investment groups. Mr. Staude’s extensive Latin America mineral resource experience began in Mexico and then extended through South America. Recently, Mr. Staude has ventured into Europe and Asia initiating companies and managing successful exploration programs in Turkey, Romania and China. Mr. Staude has been successful in creating shareholder value through discoveries of gold and copper in Mexico, Peru and Turkey. He has located additional resources in known districts and helped convert discoveries into new mining operations. His technical and managerial experience spans more than 30 countries in diverse geologic environments. Through Riverside Resources, Mr. Staude will continue to build strong portfolios and profitable businesses through prospect generation, early stage partnering and drill discoveries.





Maurice Jackson:  Welcome to Proven & Probable. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson. Today’s show is dedicated to investors that are seeking to identify a company with remarkable balance sheet, has zero debt and has been repeatedly recognized by the world’s most respected credit analyst as a company worthy of being a shareholder. Joining me today is a special guest, Dr. John-Mark Staude, who is the president and CEO of Riverside Resources. John-Mark, thank you for joining us today.

John-Mark Staude:  Thank you for including me, yes.

Maurice Jackson:  John-Mark, before we being today’s discussion, for first-time listeners, please share what is a prospect generator?

John-Mark Staude:  A prospect generator is a mineral exploration company that goes out and finds good opportunities and then finds partners to help de-risk them. Having partners de-risk them and in some cases major companies that are doing the drilling and all the heavy lifting, that helps to protect the share structure of small companies such as Riverside and it gives the big company the upside where they otherwise wouldn’t have those opportunities. It’s a really good business model that’s been very successful and Riverside has followed it very diligently for the last 10 years. It’s been a good success.

Maurice Jackson:  Well, thank you for sharing that. And ladies and gentlemen, Riverside Resources is a prospect generator and I am a shareholder for the virtues just explained. And one very well-noted reason as well is Rick Rule who is the world’s best credit analyst. I have attended conferences this year in California and British Columbia this year with Mr. Rule. And during Q&A, Mr. Rule has personally identified first user in the audience and then the merits of owning Riverside Resources, so what a complement.

John-Mark Staude:  It is a great complement and we work hard to make sure we deliver.

Maurice Jackson:  Okay. But John-Mark, Riverside Resources has had some exciting press releases come out recently. Please share with listeners about the addition of Ron Burk as the VP of Exploration.

John-Mark Staude:  And we are so lucky. Ron has been an exploration geologist with tremendous experience working in major companies such as Teck Resources where I also worked and then working with other companies that became significant major companies such as Silver Standard and with Centerra Gold. I was the Vice President of Exploration. To have him join Riverside as the Vice President is a real gift and he has such a great experience of Latin America. He has such a passion for teaching and he really has a passion for shareholders. We’re delighted to have him and working closely with him and we’re really looking forward to the results that we have coming in the next few weeks and months.

Maurice Jackson:  You know, I know investors are glad to hear about Mr. Burk joining the company and the intellectual capital that he is bringing with him, so kudos to you. And speaking of Centerra Gold, let’s discuss one of your projects, the Glor Project. Share with investors about the joint venture you have with Centerra Gold and the details of the arrangement.

John-Mark Staude:  Most definitely and, yes, we’re so excited about it. First off, having a major company like Centerra Gold who are active in production, producing quite a bit of gold and they’re also very aggressive in exploration to choose Riverside to be the company they’re funding through as the prospect generator. What we have done with them recently is high-grade surface gold samples that have now led them to forward a major program of exploration leading to drilling, and in the next 3 weeks, we expect to have some results and in the next 3 months, to expect to be lining up the drilling and early in 2017 going forward with drill results. So, delighted to have the Glor Project, which is a very good project. Its target is open-pit gold and a major company like Centerra funding it is perfect for Riverside.

Maurice Jackson:  Well, you know, we’re delighted to hear that, but you also have some additional notes about another project. Talk to us about Antofagasta.

John-Mark Staude:  Oh, wow. We’re so excited. You know, we’ve been lucky. We’ve been on for 5 years with Antofagasta fully funding the exploration. We’ve done drilling with them in the past and yet again the press release we just put out confirms that Antofagasta will be funding drilling on the Thor Project. 100% funded for a porphyry copper exploration. Antofagasta has the opportunity to spend up to 5 million dollars total investment or 65%. Riverside doesn’t have to put up any money. We’re out in the field doing the work and now Antofagasta has us doing with a geophysical program and then in late October starting up the drilling. We’re so excited to be drilling again for copper. We like gold but having copper with a major company choosing, this could be a point for Riverside to make a real take-off. We’re very excited.

Maurice Jackson:  You know, all three of these press releases make for great catalyst here for the future here for Riverside Resources. John-Mark, for listeners that want to get more information, give us the ticker symbol and then also what is the best way to contact you?

John-Mark Staude:  Definitely. The ticker symbol is: {TSX: RRI} {OTC: RVSDF} –www.rivres.com. And the way to contact us is at 778-327-6671 at Riverside Resources office. Myself and Joness Lang love to talk to shareholders, glad to talk to investors. Anyone who wants to learn about Riverside, please give us a call, send us an email at the website and we look forward to following up.

Maurice Jackson:  Dr. John-Mark Staude of Riverside Resources. Thank you for joining us today on Proven & Probable. All the best to you, sir.

John-Mark Staude:  Thank you. Wonderful to be included.

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