Increase Your Probability of Success in 2017

Greetings Subscribers!  We are honored to have YOU as the best subscribers in the world.  Your support, contributions, and feedback have been instrumental.  We are truly inspired and encouraged by the intellectual capital that each of you provides, which is quite remarkable.  I’m astounded by the inquiries from our subscribers. The passion and financial I.Q. you deliver is amazing!

Our focus on Proven & Probable as you may have noticed is that we want to share what actions you the investor need to take.  Please don’t invest with the hopes of being rich tomorrow.  Are there times you need to act fast on an investment opportunity?  Yes, however, we ask that you stop, pause, and . . .

#1 Think Independently & Use Critical Analysis (Don’t feel pressured by us or anyone)

#2 Get the facts from the most respected names here on Proven & Probable

#3 Develop a Plan

#4 Act

To assist you with these endeavors, we encourage that you read the following in this particular order:

The Richest Man In Babylon – By George S. Clason (The foundation for wealth creation)

Nobody Knows Anything – Bob Moriarty (The foundation of wealth creation in the Natural Resource Space, and down right common sense approach to investing)


Speculator – Doug Casey (how to discern the difference between investing and speculating, and what attributes make a company worthy of your capital)

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham [Chapters 8 & 20] (The foundation for understanding value, emotions, and volatility).

Economics In One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt  (The names says it all)

*We don’t profit from your purchase of the aforementioned literature, which can be purchased on Amazon*

At Proven & Probable we don’t pretend that we have a crystal ball that tells us when to buy and sell a given investment.  Therefore, we will only convey a good value proposition when we believe it is present through empirical evidence.

Pump and dump issuers have forwarded solicitations to us, and we have, and will continue to decline.  Yes, we could have profited from the issuer but then we would have lost something much more important than the gain, which is, you the subscriber.  Pump and dump does not conform with our moral code.  Therefore, we keep it simple and dump them.

We value your trust and recognize the fiduciary relationship we have with our subscribers.  We always share if we have a position in a given company we are interviewing.  If we don’t have a position in a said company that we are interviewing, that means we are either still attempting to satisfy a position in another issuer or awaiting our limit order to be completed for the company being interviewed.  We will share when and why we plan to sell, which is usually germane for arbitrage opportunities.

Our subscribers are niche specific and want information to make an informed decision for their Natural Resource Portfolio. Therefore, we’ve begun and more aggressive campaign on expanding our number of interviews per week and expand our interviewees.  We have had inquiries with regards to transcripts and the issue we have had with regards transcripts is the turnaround time.

We plan to begin instructional videos this year.  The topics of discussion will be mining terms, monetary history, and bullion.  We will outline how we construct our natural resource portfolio. We plan to conduct on site visits and if the location has supporting wifi we shall attempt to conduct live Q&A with the issuer.  We will make you aware of the issuer and dates when they become available.

We are improving our site and youtube channel in small increments.  As some of you may have noticed in the last 30 days our site has evolved.  Special thanks to Tekoa Da Silva of Sprott Global Resource Investments, Jahmal Taylor (Consultant) , James Grzech (Consultant), and Damon Mazyck (Consultant); as we will endeavor to make Proven & Probable your go source for your Natural Resource needs.

Noteworthy of mention, we are extremely pleased to announce that has endorsed our work on Proven & Probable and we will be added onto their blogroll!

Remember, through Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments we offer: Precious Metals, Offshore Storage, Self-Directed IRA’s, and Safe Deposit Boxes.

In closing, we ask that you please continue to share your thoughts on how we can improve your experience at Proven & Probable.  We wish you a prosperous 2017 and beyond!  Thank you valued subscribers.

Proven & Probable

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