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1 Feb. 2017

Dear Subscribers, you ever wondered why Gold is so frequently mischaracterized? As I glance at the financial news networks, websites, investment firms advertisements and articles, I have noticed a recurring theme over the years on the depiction and or usage of Gold as a meme or banner for a blog/article/interview.

The featured image/meme was taken from: http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/01/news/economy/brexit-uk-income-inequality/index.html?iid=hp-grid-dom

I find it interesting and disingenuous that these sources use images of Gold to depict class warfare, wealth, inequality, finance, retirement, investing, savings etc. but when you read the contents of the article/blog there is never a mention of owning Precious Metals. Also, when these articles use the word money they always refer to currency. Furthermore, when a meme/banner displays currency for a blog/article they state that it is money. The misuse of these terms is a sophism. The long term consequences of these effects are very, very pernicious. Money must have 7 fundamental characteristics which are:

We encourage you to watch the following from Mike Maloney the founder of goldsilver.com and the hiddensecretsofmoney video series.  Click to watch: Episode 1

One of the primary reasons there is a wealth gap has to do with Financial IQ, and the lack thereof. Those that refuse to separate and make the distinction of money versus currency become part of the countless masses that have the best intentions and laborious endeavors but the results just don’t seem to come to fruition.

We encourage you to watch an exclusive interview we conducted with the
Andy Schectman, the President and Co-Founder of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments:

If you are new to precious metals investing we created a Silver Cheat Sheet. Click on the image:

Do we enjoy money i.e. Gold and Silver? Yes. Do we enjoy currency? Yes. But we fundamentally understand, discern, and make the distinctions that they are not equals.  We encourage you to always use critical analysis and think independently (Ever Wondered Why).  We urge you to question, and use empirical evidence as your guide.  Thank you for being valued a subscriber.

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