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Cobalt Institute Manifesto: Cobalt can boost EU’s competitiveness, strategic support and cutting red tape is key

Empowering the cobalt industry to supercharge the EU’s industrial goals, facilitate green transition, and enhance economic security is crucial to strengthening European industry competitiveness ahead of the new policy cycle – Cobalt Institute Manifesto

Cobalt Institute – the global industry association covering the entire cobalt value chain – calls on the new European leadership to strengthen its industrial policy by establishing higher-incentives and promoting lower-barrier economies that will help the EU cobalt industry thrive. A new legislative mandate focusing on growth and eliminating red tape presents an opportunity to enable the cobalt industry to supercharge the EU’s industrial goals, facilitate green and digital transitions, and enhance economic security.

Dinah McLeod, Cobalt Institute Director General, said: “While competitors abroad offer attractive incentives and investment opportunities, cobalt businesses operating in the EU face an uphill battle to secure funding and expand their operations. The new European leadership urgently needs to up its game to harness the EU’s industry potential.”

Cobalt will help ensure Europe’s economic security and green prosperity. To this end, Cobalt Institute has released a manifesto outlining concrete actions for achieving competitiveness through strategic support and unleashing the potential of the cobalt industry. As Europe faces increasing geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions, the recommended actions underscore the urgent need to bolster Europe’s cobalt industry to safeguard the continent’s security and prosperity.

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