Bob Moriarty – U.S. Debt = War

Bob Moriarty, the founder of 321gold & 321energy, sits down with Maurice Jackson of ‘Proven & Probable’ to discuss the Bond Market, Sovereign Debt, Stock Market, Russia, China, War, and Gold. Investors won’t want to miss a second of Mr. Moriarty extensive knowledge regarding geopolitics, gold, and what actions investors need to take.




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6 Comments on "Bob Moriarty – U.S. Debt = War"

  1. John Galt III | June 30, 2016 at 12:37 pm | Reply

    He is good on Precious Metals, but get him on world affairs and he sounds like Adolf Hitler in so far as hating Israel and Jews. At that point I just tune him out although someone should give him an autographed copy of Mein Kampf to make his day. He should also read and understand the Sira, Hadith and the Reliance of the Traveler before he starts talking about the Middle East

    • John, thank you for your feedback. Although you may not agree with ones point of view, we certainly can respect ones opinions even if they don’t fit into our paradigm. Mr. Moriarity, although I don’t feel qualified to speak on his behalf, has a different perspective probably from most interviewees because he has done what so few have which is make the selfless sacrifice of laying his life on the line in the defense of his nation. As an former Officer in the military he has a much better appreciation and comprehension of players and conversations that take place with military and political figures. This is not defend that his position is correct or incorrect. At we strive to deliver the best in minds and respected names in the Natural Resource Space. We hope that you have the time to listen to our archived interviews that will enable our listeners to become financial stewards for generations. We strive to improve our product and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please consider subscribing. Maurice

  2. What a wonderful interview. This was so interesting to listen to. I have a great deal of respect & admiration for Mr. Bob Moriarty. I have read his new book “No one Knows Anything” twice. A great book!
    It would be great if Mr. Moriarty had more time for interviews like this. If you only knew how valuable his knowledge and opinions really are I think you would have him as a guest more often. One more thing. I never knew your site existed until I discovered it on “321 Gold” this morning. Well I have to go…I want to listen to the interview over again.

    • Danny, Bob is quite the personality combined with practical wisdom and keen ability to discern bovine feces. I look forward to many more opportunities interviewing him. I’m currently reading is book as well and it is quite, and I say quite a good read. I shall certainly reread. Please consider subscribing to us @ We strive to deliver you the a different perspective on contrarian investing. We are about results intellectually and financially. Please visit our archives library of interviews and stay tuned for many more to come. We will provide our subscribers the most respected names in the Natural Resource Space. If we can improve our product we welcome your feedback and or suggestions. Maurice

  3. debt can be purged by a market driven monetization and circulation of gold backed currency …. exactly what BitGold has brought to market. Support it or be ready for the elite’s plan B ….. very nasty.

    • therooster, thank you for your feedback. We welcome your feedback as strive to deliver the best in the Mining, Metals, and More. If we can improve please let us know. Bitgold is quite exciting. Glad you are a contrarian and recognize the opportunities before the masses. Maurice

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